CoST Uganda takes Infrastructure Transparency to Parliament!

November 18, 2019 9:30 am

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On 14th November 2019, the CoST Uganda Multi-Stakeholder Group members were pleased to appear before the Physical Infrastructure Committee of Parliament to establish a formal relationship with the committee; share CoST Uganda findings and policy recommendations from the 2nd Assurance Report, and the recent survey on citizens needs and stakeholder perceptions on infrastructure transparency in Uganda.

Key issues presented to the committee included procurement observations such as selective bidding for high level contracts/projects, involvement of donor blacklisted companies in procurement, lengthy administrative reviews and court battles on some of the projects, contract management challenges, lack of citizen engagement at project planning and delivery stages, delays in procurement with unclear reasons.

The general lack of complete and accurate disclosure of project and contract data was attributed to the lack of standards and templates for disclosure, compliance with existing laws and the weak legal framework on disclosure, lack of timely supervision and monitoring of infrastructure projects.

Going forward, the Committee agreed to engage further with CoST to ensure that the issues are addressed; the committee also committed to write to PPDA and Ministry of Works and Transport to inform the process of harmonizing disclosure of project and contract data by issuing regulations to this effect as per the standard as well as develop an online Infrastructure Transparency Portal for Uganda.

CoST on the other hand committed to support and facilitate the process of establishing a Formal Disclosure Requirement that would inform the drafting of regulations for infrastructure projects disclosure, and development of an infrastructure portal upon parliament’s consent. The committee also committed to receive, discuss and engage on further reports resulting from CoST interventions in Uganda, including the commitment to comment on the 3rd Assurance Report prior to publication early December 2019.

The Multi-Stakeholder Group of CoST Uganda would like to express thanks to the Physical Infrastructure Committee of Parliament of Uganda for the warm reception. We look forward to furthering engagements in Infrastructure Transparency.

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