Membership Development Policy


There’s never been a more important time to be a member of CoST Uganda. The Multi-Stakeholder Group meeting held on 3rd October 2017 tasked the Secretariat to develop a Membership Criteria that would be applied on both existing and new members of CoST Uganda Multi-Stakeholder Group.

CoST is a global Initiative, with countries from around the world taking part. It is an independent not-for-profit charity initiative registered in the United Kingdom (UK) funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CoST also works with the World Bank to enhance information disclosure under the Private Public Partnerships arrangement across the globe. Uganda joined the initiative on 18th September 2013 following an application by the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) on behalf of Government, inviting CoST to support in advancing value for money and transparency in public infrastructure projects.

CoST is built on a vision of achieving Better lives from better Infrastructure through enhancing the adoption and use of CoST Infrastructure Data Standard (IDS) and the CoST core features of Assurance, Disclosure, Multi-Stakeholder Working and Social Accountability in the delivery of public infrastructure. We therefore need the power of your voice in engagement, advocacy, regulatory and legislative arenas to see us realize this vision and mission. Your CoST membership benefits your career as well as your profession — an invaluable investment that will pay dividends throughout your future.

Undertaking by the member:

Membership to CoST is open to any credible government agency/department, private sector, the civil society organization and individuals that demonstrate a commitment to the organizations objectives and whose mandate is relevant to the construction sector or to the communities that are affected by the sector. The participation of the Multi-Stakeholder Group is built on the following incentives;

  • The Private Sector is driven by a belief that transparency can improve competition and provide them with a fairer opportunity to compete for work and contribute towards developing local market capacity.
  • The Civil society interest is driven by the potential improvements in infrastructures services, value for money, and the avoidance of misuse of funds.
  • Government Ministries, agencies and departments join CoST because they know that the up-front investment of time and resources that are required to establish the programme are likely to be exceeded by the cost savings that result from improvements in efficiency and reductions in corruption.
  • CoST can be beneficial for a Procurement Entity as it provides it with an opportunity to show that it conforms to high levels of transparency; it builds greater public confidence in the organization; it improves information management procedures.

Conditions for Membership in pursuit to the CoST Uganda MSG Charter:

Membership can be initiated by:

  1. Submitting an application to subscribe to the organization’s mission, objectives, and values, and seconded by at least one existing member of CoST Uganda Chapter.
  2. Applicants will undergo a background check based on registration status, the existence of the organization for at least one year, the existence of a physical address, governance structures, and objects that are consistent with the purpose of CoST Uganda Chapter.
  3. Individual applicants undergo a background check based on professional experience, integrity and passion for CoST.
  4. The Multi-Stakeholder Group in accordance with the membership criteria assesses and determines membership applications and grants a Membership Certificate upon approval of the application.
  5. The MSG can provide grounds for non-approval of membership in writing.

Rights and obligations of Members

  1. All members enjoy the same benefits and can hold office in the organs of the organization in accordance with the provisions of the MSG Charter.
  2. Members will also be eligible to receive funding from CoST Uganda Chapter to perform delegated or joint tasks.
  3. Members may benefit from capacity building programs like attending seminars, trainings, and being eligible for fellowships and other related work.
  4. Members may be elected and/or appointed as deemed necessary to be member(s) of any committee or task force that governs or provides specific services or which operates in a purely advisory capacity to CoST Uganda Chapter.
  5. Members shall vote on any matter of organization as provided for and in accordance with the MSG Charter.
  6. Members are bound by the decisions made by the MSG and Annual General Assembly.

Cessation of Membership

Membership to CoST ceases if all or any of the following grounds is present:

  1. Voluntarily written withdrawal from the organization upon satisfaction that there are no pending obligations for the said member.
  2. Failure to abide by the responsibilities, criteria and core values of the organization for which case the MSG shall initiate or cause the cessation proceedings.
  3. Provided that the MSG is convinced beyond reasonable doubt that a member is Involved in partisan politics.
  4. Involvement in gross misconduct by a member which may bring the organization into disrepute. Gross misconduct shall include and not be limited to all prohibited conduct as shall be defined in the CoST Uganda Chapter code of conduct.