Appeal to Vote for CoST Uganda to win the upcoming Southern Africa Anti-Corruption Collective Action Award 2023

May 14, 2023 8:14 pm

Published by CoST Admin

Dear Stakeholder,

We are excited to invite you to vote for CoST Uganda through this link to win the upcoming Southern Africa Anti-Corruption Collective Action Award 2023.

The CoST approach has been actively implemented in Uganda for a period close to five years, leading to various results at project, sector and policy levels. CoST promotes transparency, accountability and business integrity in the delivery of public infrastructure projects. The Basel Institute on Governance recognizes initiatives that have demonstrated outstanding achievements in tackling corruption and raising standards of business integrity, CoST Uganda has been doing exactly this in the infrastructure sector.

Two months ago, we were nominated to participate in this competition, as a recognition of our work, but also, to advance the efforts to address corruption risks in the construction sector.

We are extremely delighted to inform you that the Basel Institute on Governance has informed us that the awards jury has selected CoST Uganda – the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative, among the three finalists for the Award. This recognition is a strong indication that Infrastructure Transparency is needed now more than ever before, and every citizen in Uganda, and on the African continent ought to embrace it. CoST Uganda results and lessons have been shared globally and replicated across CoST members in the Africa region and beyond.

The selection process includes public voting, and it is for this reason that I thereby write to request you individually, and your networks to vote for CoST Uganda to bring this award home. The Basel Institute and its regional partners will host the Southern Africa Anti-Corruption Collective Action Forum in May 2023.

For us to bring the award home, we request you to vote for CoST Uganda (Please check for the CoST Logo you will find a vote icon), and share within your networks the voting link Public voting will be open between 12th and 25 May 2023.

We remain indebted to you for the support you have continued to render the programme, without which, we would never have reached where we are today! Last year, we won the CoST International award, we are convinced that the Anti-Corruption Collective Action award 2023 is ours!

Let us bring the award home!