The Business Integrity Initiative in Uganda, in the Media

February 24, 2021 10:04 am

Published by CoST Admin

With financial support from the UKs Business Integrity Initiative, we have been implementing an action to “Promote Fair Business Practices between Government and the Private Sector in Uganda” the action run from December 2019 to February 2021. It was aimed at realizing the following objectives;

  1. To increase disclosed data to 60 points as per the ids standard.
  2. To increase competition in doing business with government agencies
  3. To strengthen transparency in procurement processes of infrastructure projects.

Key under this initiative was to promote disclosure by government institutions, and facilitate stakeholders through trainings and provision of information for the media and the civil society to use disclosed data to engage duty bearers to account, and influence reforms in the public infrastructure delivery processes. We share with you an outline of the key media publications through the one year of implementation, and looking forward to your feedback.

  7. Inadequate Information Discloser Undermining Infrastructure Investments-Experts;
  14. Live stream of the 1st high level meeting on Fair Business practices;
  15. Live stream of the high level meeting;
  17. Paid Talk show on NTV on Infrastructure transparency during COVID-19;
  19. Unpaid talk show on NTV
  20. Paid talk show on BBS
  21. Paid talk show on UBC TV;
  22. Paid talk show on UBC TV 4th Assurance findings
  23. Unpaid Talk show UBC
  24. NTV free news highlights
  25. NTV free news highlights
  26. Paid feature story in Daily Monitor;–2305108
  28. Press release by CoST Uganda; (
  33. Blog by Patrick Jaramogi, Journalist
  34. Blog by Drake Nyamugabwa; Gov’t  urged to fully enforce the preference & reservation scheme to support local firms participate in infrastructure projects. –
  35. Blog by Musisi Lwanga Andrew.PressUg: Roko Construction Contract For Mulago Specialized Hospital Terminated, Multiple Time Extensions. –
  36. Spotlight: “Uganda’s infrastructural problem is about maintenance” #NilePostNews #NBSUpdates Read more:
  37. Blog by Drake Nyamugabwa; The new NWSC water supply project at 70% complete is set to serve  over 170,000 people  in Sembabule district –
  38. Facebook;
  39. Infographics live link;
  40. Blog by Patrick Jaramogi;
  41. Blog by a journalist from New Vision;
  42. The independent; “Transparency in government projects is taking root – new report”
  43. Basel Institute interview;
  44. The Infrastructure Blog;
  45. Blog by Journalist;
  46. 4th Assurance Process, press release;
  47. Story of change, Busoga Mwiri Access Road;
  48. 4th Assurance Report, Blog:
  49. Blog by Patrick Jaramogi, Journalist;
  50. CoST Blog, Drake Nyamugabwa, Journalist; The new NWSC water supply project at 70% complete is set to serve  over 170,000 people  in Sembabule district –
  51. Live stream link:
  53. Dedicated publication on KCCA projects;
  54. Paid talkshow on Impact FM;

Please note, this list will be updated from time to time, it does not include links of over 20 radios, and some Televisions that have aired issues about fair business practices in Uganda during the project life time.

Our compliments and appreciation goes to all media houses, journalists who have embraced this issue/agenda and we call on you to carry-on the action.